Ital im XLR8R Podcast

01 Ital „Beacon (Acapella)“
02 Newworldaquarium „Curse of the Bloody Puppets“ (Delsin)
03 Keita Sano „She Was the One“ (Mr. Saturday Night)
04 Smilin Observer „ASMR Paranormal Tag“ (YouTube)
05 Endian „DBPLT01“ (Nonplus)
06 Silent Servant „Mad Youth“ (Sandwell District)
07 Earle Brown „Four Systems (For Four Amplified Cymbals)“ (Columbia)
08 Conforce „24 (Gesloten Cirkel Remix)“ (Clone Basement Series)
09 Joey Anderson „Sky’s Blessing“ (Dekmantel)
10 Rhythm & Sound with Koki „Rise & Praise (Burial Mix)“
11 Intrusion „Intrusion Dub“ (Echospace)
12 Robert Ashley „Automatic Writing“ (Lovely)
13 Earthen Sea „Beat 31“
14 Moodymann „Silence in the Secret Garden“ (Peacefrog)
15 Natan H „Giving“ (Appian)
16 Instra:mental „Sun Rec.“ (Nonplus)
17 In Aeternam Vale „Ultrabase“ (Minimal Wave)
18 Shackleton „Blood on My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix)“ (Skull Disco)
19 Black Dice „Semen of the Sun“ (Tapes)
20 The Mole „Lockdown Party (DJ Sprinkles Crossfaderama)“ (Perlon)
21 Pharoah Sanders „Let Us Now Go into the House of the Lord“ (Impulse!)

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