The world’s water supply has dried up due to some sort of apocalypse. A beautiful woman holds the secret to where one of the last springs being guarded by a group of Amazons. A “Road Warrior” like crew captures her and tries to make her talk through brutal torture. The hero (Styrker) unites with some of the remaining “good guys” and the Amazons and frees the woman. They go on to a “Road Warrior” type of concluding battle with the bad guys.

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Cock Rock Disco relaunch

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I am proud to announce that Cock Rock Disco is now officially back online! We have a new website and most of our albums are online for FREE! That’s right, more than 60 albums now available online for 1-link download or available to stream via Soundcloud!!
We will begin to release more albums soon, but for now please share the big news! – Jason Forest

Cock Rock Disco


Detect – für Staatstrojaner

Gegen Staatstrojaner gibt es jetzt auch einen Anti-Viren-Scanner. “Detekt” durchsucht Windows-Rechner nach berüchtigter Schadsoftware von FinFisher, HackingTeam und Co. Vier wichtige Menschenrechts- und Digital-Rights-NGOs unterstützen die Arbeit von Forscher Claudio Guarnieri.

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Movie – Journey Through the Black Sun (1976)


Space: 1999 is a British science-fiction television series that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977. In the opening episode, set on 13 September 1999, nuclear waste stored on the Moon’s far side explodes, knocking the Moon out of orbit and sending it, as well as the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space. The series was the last production by the partnership of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and was the most expensive series produced for British television up to that time. The first season was co-produced by the British television ITC and the Italian television RAI, while the second season was produced solely by ITC.

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RA 442: Tin Man (303030303030303030303)

Johannes Auvinen occupies a non-standard space within electronic music. Flick through the seven albums he’s recorded as Tin Man, and you’ll find ambient and classical explorations next to house and techno. Auvinen’s deep, languid vocals feature on about half of his records, something that he says is essential to him, even if it’s a turnoff for DJs. He’s viewed as being part of the dance music underground, but is openly influenced by pop and mainstream culture. One of his other main influences is literature, and in the past Auvinen has absorbed himself in the work of a particular writer—Jorge Luis Borges, William Burroughs, F. Scott Fitzgerald—while producing an album. The Roland 303 features extensively in Auvinen’s work—see 2012′s Neo Neo Acid in particular—but his acid lines tend to softly weep rather than squeal. While his contemporaries moved to clubbing hubs like London and Berlin, the California-raised Auvinen based himself in Vienna—”I never wanted to move to Berlin or a place like that because I was afraid to see my reflection on the street too much,” he told us earlier this year. “The independent electronic musician trying to make it.”

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