Plaid live beim Dekmantel Festival 2014


Ed Handley and Andy Turner first got together to make music as school friends inspired by pirate radio, John Peel playlists and dusty records found in car boot sales. A few years later the pair founded The Black Dog Productions with Ken Downie, and in 1991 Ed and Andy released their Plaid debut album Mbuki Mvuki on Black Dog Productions. Fusing the sounds of electro and Detroit techno, the album gained the attention of Warp Records, and Ed and Andy left The Black Dog to lay their focus on Plaid. The next chapter of their career saw them collaborating with artists such as Björk,Red Snapper and Nicolette, remixing tracks by GoldfrappMathew Herbert or Autechre, and experimenting with video artist Bob Jaroc for their live performances as well as the audiovisual release Greedy Baby. Plaid have also dabbled in film scores, working twice with director Michael Arias on the award-winning anime ‘Tekkonkinkreet’, and ‘Heaven’s Door’. Hard to pigeonhole, the Plaid sound incorporates carefully crafted beats, syncopated rhythms, emotive melodies and – occasionally – the human voice. Electronic music masters in every sense.

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Brian David Stevens fotografiert Soundsysteme

Der Fotograf Brian David Stevens ist schon vor zehn Jahren auf dem Notting Hill Carnival in London unterwegs gewesen und hat die Dinger fotografiert, bevor die Menschen davor tanzten. Nun soll es seine Aufnahmen in einem Buch geben – außerdem steht eine Ausstellung an. Das Mixmag hat vorab schon mal einige seiner Fotos.

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Drums West Cut-Paper Jazz Animation von Jim Henson (1961)

“Drums West” is a cut-paper animated short by Jim Henson and frequent Muppetscollaborator Jerry Juhl set to the music of West Coast jazz bandleader Chico Hamilton. Though it was originally animated in 1961, the Jim Henson Company has added behind-the-scenes footage to the recently unearthed animation, highlighting the puppeteer’s delicate process for arranging the small confetti-like components.

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Electronic Labyrinth (George Lucas, 1967)


Electronic Labyrinth: THX-1138 4EB is a 1967 science fictionshort film written and directed by George Lucas while he attended the University of Southern California‘sfilm school. The short was reworked as the 1971 theatrical feature THX-1138.

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Part I – Taxi Taxi (2014)

Part 1 of KaapiN’s (PH) first animated music video series (2014) – “Taxi Taxi”.
The video depicts a bizarre experience in which are unlikely to be related to someone’s dream involving strange creatures and inspired by surreal world.
It interprets a phenomenon of seeing patterns in a random dream environment – A ritual of “tribe” wherein they all programmed to be not in their own thoughts and living as unconscious beings.