The Legends of the Peruvian Indians (1979)

This incredible animation film is based on the legends of the ancient Peruvians, recreated from drawings. The drawings also inspired the psychoactive visuals of the animation, which along with an Aztec lute on the soundtrack, liken it to a psychedelic experience.

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Trash: Killdozer (1974)

Killdozer! is a 1974 made for TV science-fiction/horror movie, adapted from a 1944 novella by Theodore Sturgeon. A comic-bookadaptation appeared the same year, in Marvel Comics Worlds Unknown #6 (April 1974).

An ancient meteorite crashes onto the Earth’s surface. Six construction workers later begin work building an airstrip at the site, on an island off the coast of Africa.

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Trash: Surf Nazis must die (1987)

Surf Nazis Must Die is a 1987 American comedy film directed by Peter George and starring Gail Neely, Barry Brenner, and Robert Harden. It was produced by The Institute, a production company formed by George, Craig A. Colton and Robert Tinnell, and distributed by Troma Entertainment, a company known for its low-budget exploitation films.

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The Jerkster “Chaos” Modul

This page describes a self-oscillating (or autonomous) chaos circuit described by a third order differential equation. In mechanics, the third derivative of a coordinate is called its “jerk”, as an extension of the terms “velocity” and “acceleration”. The figure below gives the circuit diagram. The upper part of the figure details the structure of the building blocks or subcircuits used to build the main circuit. The main circuit, illustrated in the bottom part of the figure, consists of four subcircuits connected in a loop. The first three circuit blocks are voltage-controlled integrators (with “Z” a capacitance) and the fourth is a voltage-controlled gain block (with “Z” a resistance).

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