Crowd-funding Campaign Wants to Pay Back Amen Break Creator

If you have ever written or sold any music with the amen break, or even just enjoyed one of the countless hundreds and hundreds of tunes that contain it over various genres and styles of music, please donate towards the good cause of the worldwide music community giving something back to the man behind the legendary breakbeat.

Word – Kampagne – Amen Break - via create digital music



Parker’s spacey RA podcast—or “assemblage,” as he terms it—is a perfect encapsulation of the style. It starts in a pool of beatless sound, gradually collecting into broken rhythms, before wading back in again. Surprising at nearly every turn, Parker touches on Rene Hell’s eerie drone, the retro UK styles of his recent Proto LP with Mumdance and a bewildering Strict Face cover of Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone.”

Download RA.456 via MP3 via RA